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Many entrepreneurs have found that they can make a nice income with a good car wash business. While such a business requires considerable effort and expense to set up there is often a minimal amount of maintenance required if it is fully automated. Of course, some people also want their car detained and the interior cleaning and there a car wash business may also have some employees to fulfill this function.

Regardless of the type of car wash business that is being started there needs to be some training on how to set up and operate a successful one. This should include how to prepare a well thought out business plan to take to a bank or other lending institution to get the right amount of financing to buy the equipment and do the construction necessary to get the business started. Lenders always want to see such a plan before deciding if they will make a business loan.

The right location is also critical to the success of a car wash business and this may require some professional market research. It doesn’t do any good to set up a business in a location where there is not much traffic because no one will know it is even there. Looking into the proper way to advertise the business is also important, particular in the beginning. There are many advertising alternatives available and they don’t always have to be expensive.

With the proper research and planning a car wash business can provide an owner with a steady reliable income with a minimum of overhead expenses.

This Business article was written by Jerry Travers on 11/19/2007

Jerry Travers is a Business Professional With 17 Years Experience.