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One of the brightest stars to emerge on the Internet marketing scene, Jeff Paul was a whiz kid student of the great Dan Kennedy. Back in 1994, everything out of his mouth about marketing translated into cash for those willing to follow good solid advice. His advice and his passion were fresh news on the net back then.

Today, Jeff Paul seems to be teaching the same techniques he used eleven years ago. As with all evolving media, the Internet is no longer in its infancy and changes constantly. Keeping up with the marketing changes necessary to adapt to the forces that shape the net involves a constant ear and eye to the experts, the media, and your competition. It is a profound effort to remain fresh and innovative, yet you will falter and ultimately fail if you cannot adapt to an environment of change.

This is where Jeff Paul seems to remain today. His students are regurgitating his original work today as their own. Therefore, I have to say, there are new things happening and if you are to be successful you must be part of the edge pioneering the change,

Jeff Paul is a good resource for Internet history if you are interested in the evolution of marketing on the net. There, however, are at least 6 other marketing courses on the market today that would offer more current, innovative, and fresh approaches to guarantee your financial success.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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