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I really thought twice about posting a “not recommended” review of Matt Gagnon. But, I am confident that for those of you willing to research Matt Gagnon and Mazu Publishing will not become involved with either entity because of the intense volume of unfavorable comment about Matt Gagnon, his business practices, and his business products currently floating around on the web. The wise among you will go elsewhere.

The Internet will provide you with a wealth of reputable marketing programs and legitimate business opportunities, so steer clear of anyone or anything that receives consistent negative feedback from consumers.

I cannot recommend Matt Gagnon’s Currency Exchange Program. Let me be the first to say I have not tried it. I am simply not recommending it because on my own due diligence. It has no guarantees, no protections, and no controls for you to exercise over your own money. Therefore, it seems to me that offshore investing with a privately held company with no protections would not warrant spending your hard earned $300.00 for the course. It would simply, in my book, be throwing your money away. Numerous consumers that have purchased the program have called me to give me an earful about how scammed they feel, and how poorly written the course was, and how getting their money back was not an option. So beware, and if you must order this course, do so after you have done your homework. Again, if it all falls apart your money is down the drain with no recourse.

If you would like comparable information with a reliable money back guarantee for $49.00, you can get information from EcurrencyProfit.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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