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Self taught search engine optimization expert, Michael Wong, is a man worth studying. He entered the Internet marketing arena in 1997 and learned on the ropes. Today, he is a well respected and prolific writer on topics pertinent to Internet marketing.

Michael Wong has also mastered the art of incorporating ancillary websites as a support to his main website. His website is rich with a variety of marketing tools, both his own (books on search engine optimization) and resources he developed in conjunction with other experts. He is a man that appreciates the talents of others and incorporates those talents into his financial plan.

I recommend anything Michael Wong has written or that he endorses at this website because he has done his homework. This is, again, a self made man who teaches so well such a vital component to Internet success, search engine optimization, that no excellent knowledge on the subject can be ignored. If you outsource SEO to a vendor as I chose to do, you still need to know what the vendor is doing for you.

Michael Wong is first rate and a good read. Enjoy and incorporate his knowledge. Make it your own.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

Gracie Bowers is an industry established leader in reviewing and critiquing home based businesses. Her website, on home based business opportunities, provides a wide array of insite on available programs. You can even view thebest home based business which she uses to make her money, allowing her to have free time to write!