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If you have written content related to business, entrepreneurship, marketing, web marketing, economics, social entrepreneurship, personal development, or ebusiness we invite you to add it to this site.

For your contribution, you'll receive some great publicity. receives over 80,000 unique visitors each month and is a leading portal for business owners, marketing executives, and entrepreneurs. Adding your articles to the site will provide significant exposure for yourself and your organization at no cost and build link popularity for your web site.
Adding your articles is a great way find new customers and receive some free exposure.

Please review the guidelines for writing and submitting content. Sign up here to become a author and you will be notified within 72 hours of your username, password, and instructions for submitting content to our easy to use Content Management System.

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Are you a business owner, CEO, or entrepreneur? If so, we'd like to love to ask you some questions for the site and give your business some free exposure in the process. You can fill out an interview here. It is twenty-five questions and asks about you, your business, and advice for young entrepreneurs.

One of our founding goals is to facilitate discussion, communication, networking, and peer assistance though an online community of businessmen, businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and marketers at all levels of knowledge.

We will do this through discussion forums, question and answer forums, scheduled chats, networking events, user polls, community digests, and publication of community articles.

The community will be target the following groups:
  • Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Small and Mid-Size business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEOs and Executives
  • Marketers
  • Professors
Each community within our Discussion Forum will be developed and encouraged by a team of community developers. Each community developer would post replies to posts on their specialty and host scheduled chats and networking events. They would also have the ability to add content to the website, interview leaders in their community sections, and write a newsletter for their community.

In return, community developers will receive free exposure for their business, gain valuable associates, develop rapport with community members, and be seen as an expert.

As a community developer you would be able to volunteer as little as an hour per month and as much as a few hours per day. We just ask that you contribute as much as you feel you are getting back. There is, of course, no cost, no obligation, and you may opt out at any time. You may sign up below.
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We are looking to build an Advisory Panel of businesspersons and entrepreneurs at all levels who would like to take a part in shaping the development of

As an advisory panel member, we would consult you via email and ask for your advice as we grow and form our non-profit foundation. Your information will be kept strictly private.
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