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Aim To OVER-FILL Your Pipeline Of Prospects
Too many people ride the 'feast or famine' roller coaster of having clients, especially SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs. Some months they have almost too many clients and are WAY too busy, and other months, they're feeling the pinch. The well is dry and they're digging their well when they're thirsty. I've been there in the past, and there's nothing worse than experiencing those two extremes on a regular basis. It'll make you want to go back to Corporate for good! (NOT ME!) You've heard me talk about my NO EXCUSES approach to getting clients. That means that the number one rule I have is that I do SOMETHING to bring clients or client referrals towards me every single day. Otherwise, you'll find that no matter how good you are, your pipeline will eventually dry up. The ke

The Evolution Of A Young Entreprenuer
The story of how Ryan Allis helped build iContact from nothing to over $12 million in sales by the age of 23 proves that it is never too early to become a successful entrepreneur. Ryan’s dream began at 11 years-old when he starting teaching senior citizens computer skills in his Florida hometown for $5 an hour. Through these early business opportunities, Ryan learned the importance of word of mouth to expand his client base. A few years later, while in school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ryan was sitting in on MBA classes at 18. It was at UNC where his business ideas began to fully take shape, and he decided to take the next step toward success. Through persistence, hard work and his ability to inspire others, Ryan co-founded iContact, the leading pro

Guidelines For Executive Decisions
People who are considering starting a company often ask me, "Where do I begin?" These aspiring entrepreneurs may have a great business idea or have created a useful product, but they sometimes do not know how to evaluate their ideas against current market trends and demand. It is the evaluation process and business development that is often missing from many early-stage businesses. This lack of focused time on evaluating an idea to determine if it can be a true business opportunity is frequently the reason why many companies fail before they get off the ground. Over the course of the past six years, I have helped build iContact from scratch to over $12 million in annual sales. During this period, I developed a 10-step process that has consistently worked in helping my businesses achieve

Don't Give Up Too Easily (Clients Are Just Around The Corner)
"Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about." —Unknown Have you ever given your all to something, experienced some delays, encountered disappointments, and then given up? What about when it comes to marketing your business? Do you sometimes get frustrated because the results you want aren't coming to you as quickly as you'd like, despite the fact that you bust your butt to see results? Do you then start to doubt yourself, your skills and talent, your ability to succeed? You're not the only one. I know I've been there more than once since being self-employed. I have been tempted to quit on projects or promotions that weren't going strong on more than one occasion. And I've even contemplated giving up on self-employment when the chips w

Your Grocery Store Might Get In Your Way
When I was about six weeks pregnant I started having major food aversions. I didn’t want to eat anything healthy. Vegetables, fruit, grains, and even some sources of meat where completely unappealing to me. It felt so strange. After all, I am someone who generally loves these foods. I found myself frustrated because I had a difficult time figuring out what to eat. I almost wished I didn’t get hungry, so I wouldn’t have to worry about what to feed myself. In an act of desperation, I decided to go to a local "mainstream" grocery store, rather than the "health food store" I usually shop at. My mission was to go through the store and to find some foods that I felt I could eat. Much to my horror, I walked out of the store with a C

It ALL Has To Match If You Want To Create The Ideal Business
There are some solo-entrepreneurs that market ‘til they're blue in the face, and STILL don't attract ideal, high-paying clients. They're seemingly doing all the "right things": they've got marketing materials, marketing plans, they're speaking, networking, etc. and yet producing no real results. Yes, they have some clients. Yes, they're making their bills. But they're not seeing the kind of success they so desperate want. (Are you one of those?) You might be wondering, "What is going on? What am I doing wrong?? I'm busting my chops, working like a dog, and yet my 1ncome is still NOT what I want it to be&ldots; in fact, not even close." On the outside, everyone probably thinks you have a great business, but YOU know what's really going on, especially financially. I act

Do You Have What It Takes?
Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Not everyone can handle the stress, risks, and responsibilities of having dozens or hundreds of persons’ lives depending on your choices or reporting to a board or directors or panel of your investors. An analysis of the traits commonly found among successful entrepreneurs may assist in deciding if you are right to be an entrepreneur. Here is a list of commonly noted traits of entrepreneurs. Put a check next to each one you believe you have. _ Initiative _ Bias toward action _ Vision _ Determination _ Courage _ Creativity _ Perseverance and persistence _ Drive to achieve _ Orientation toward opportunity _ Ability to deal with the abstract and ambiguity _ Ability to prioritize _ Drive toward efficiency _ Ability to take feedback _ Tol

The System How To Build Wealth Through Entrepreneurship
There are many different ways to become wealthy in our world today. You can become rich through inheritance, crime, entertainment, sports, or building a business. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to each method. Receiving an inheritance can be very helpful, but many do not have this option and even those who do often do not know how to properly manage and grow this money once they have it. As a criminal, you can make money fairly easily and very quickly, unfortunately your conscience may get to you, you'll destroy your reputation, and likely spend much of the rest of your life in a jail cell eating pre-packaged thawed lima beans. One can surely make a lot of money through entertainment but unless you are extremely talented, are a white rapper, or win American Idol or star

UNDERvaluing What You Offer? You May Be Losing Clients
There's a question in my intake packet for new clients titled, "What is holding you back or slowing your progress?", as it relates to attracting all the clients they need and having a full practice. Having worked with hundreds and hundreds of private clients over the years, I've seen it all. Other than "no knowledge of marketing," one thing seems to come up over and over again, and it happened again recently with a brand new client. The client answered this: "Sometimes, the 'Little Voice' inside me asks, 'Who needs my program anyway? This is basic information that I offer. People already know this stuff!'" This is so common, but in most every case, this is absolutely not accurate. I have to admit, in the past, I too have taken for granted what I already know and teach eve

3 Ways To Overcome Marketing Overwhelm
If you're like many entrepreneurs, the thought of marketing makes you slightly sick to your stomach. And it's more then a simple like or dislike of marketing, it's the idea of trying to fit it into your to-do list. You already have a million things going on, how can you possibly fit marketing in? So, instead, you end up not doing anything...until you run out of work that is. Then you desperately race around, trying to cram as much marketing as possible into as short amount of time as possible to try and ramp up your business. Business picks up, you stop marketing again. As I'm sure you already know, this isn't a great way to grow a business on any level. But what do you do? You're already overwhelmed with everything you have to do in your business, not to mention eve

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