Entrepreneurship News http://www.zeromillion.com/news News about the growth of entrepreneurship and noteworthy entrepreneurs from around the world russ@virante.com ithomas@virante.com Enterpreneur Finds New Market with Schoolhouse Grill http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/enterpreneur-finds-new-market-with-schoolhouse-grill-721 Staff Writer 2010-08-16 09:55:15 At age 43, Virigina entrepreneur Brian Busick had already created and sold off several successful businesses. He was working his tail off as owner-manager of four franchised sub shop outlets when a request came in that opened up his next business opportunity. A private school asked if he could provide... \ Scots Lead Great Britain in Entrepreneurial Enterprises http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/scots-lead-great-britain-in-entrepreneurial-enterprises-865 Staff Writer 2010-08-02 09:52:25 According to the Daily Mail, Scotland currently has the highest percentage of new startups among all the regions of Great Britain, with an 18 percent rise in new bank accounts for such ventures over the past 12 months. In England proper, the South East (outside London) and... \ Coup of an Entrepreneur http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/coup-of-an-entrepreneur-549 Staff Writer 2010-07-27 15:47:25 It did not take long before Marcy's Kitchen, the only business sponsored through the Government venture capital fund this year, to lose its whole staff (including its chief executive/creator) and its name--all in just a matter of six weeks! The former chief executive, Marcellus Miller, explained this hit was... \ Will Tax Increases Kill Entrepreneurship? One Entrepreneur Says No Way http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/will-tax-increases-kill-entrepreneurship-one-entrepreneur-says-no-way-507 Staff Writer 2010-07-26 13:49:05 As with almost all issues in the current Congress, the debate over extending the Bush-era tax cuts for the rich has become extremely polarized and partisan. Republican supporters of extending the tax breaks are arguing that failure to do so will destroy motivation for new entrepreneurial ventures. Not so, \ Winners of the Ernst and Young 2010 Your World, Your Vision Campus Competition are Announced http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/winners-of-the-ernst-and-young-2010-your-world,-your-vision-campus-competition-are-announced-925 Staff Writer 2010-03-31 18:27:18 More than 60 colleges and universities had teams compete in the Your World, Your Vision Campus Competition , but only 3 prevailed to become the champions in each of the areas of focus for Ernst and Young LLP's corporate responsibility efforts: education, entrepreneurship and the environment. Students were to develop... \ YES Challenge and MoneyTree Asia Have Teamed Up For Young Entrepreneurs http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/yes-challenge-and-moneytree-asia-have-teamed-up-for-young-entrepreneurs-449 Staff Writer 2010-03-25 15:50:11 Participants from Uniten, University Teknologi Mara (UiTM), Monash University, Sunway University College, Taylor's University College, Nottingham University, University Malaya, UTAR, KBU and Multimedia University have gone through a grueling 6 hours of preparing, practicing, and pitching their business ideas to a series of judges in hopes to win a shot... \ Small Business Administration Budget Goes Awry, Hopeful Entrepreneurs Want A Change http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/small-business-administration-budget-goes-awry,-hopeful-entrepreneurs-want-a-change-611 Staff Writer 2010-03-24 17:22:48 U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship Chair Mary L. Landrieu, Democrat from Louisiana, commented today on the Senate Republicans' objection about the committee to hold a hearing on the Small Business Administration's budget (SBA). Entrepreneurs around the country are hoping to see more funding so their businesses can... \ Entrepreneur Thrives in a Downward Economy http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/entrepreneur-thrives-in-a-downward-economy-778 Staff Writer 2010-03-24 12:20:09 Entrepreneur Tommy Aquaro loves food, he loves food so much that he has created his very own cookbook and enters his favorite recipes into food competitions. During the spiraling recession of 2008, Aquaro won the 2008 Rebec Garlic Cook-Off prize at the annual festival in Amherst, Virginia. Last October, Aquaro... \ Kelley School Gets Noticed For Entrepreneur Education http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/kelley-school-gets-noticed-for-entrepreneur-education-534 Staff Writer 2010-03-24 11:41:35 Fortune magazine recently did a search for colleges that had entrepreneur classes, and they discovered some amazing college programs. Indiana University's Kelley School of Business has been listed among the top 5 programs for educating entrepreneurs nationwide. Kelley School was the top-ranked public university in it's March issue, but was... \ Why Do Consumers Love Small Businesses? http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/why-do-consumers-love-small-businesses-644 Staff Writer 2010-03-23 13:46:42 Entrepreneurs are full of new ideas and daring personalities, together, these usually result in a great small business. But what actually constitutes a great small business? Well, we all know that a good small business makes a tidy profit, is run efficiently and grows slowly but surely, so what else... \ You Unexpectedly Made It Big, What Should You Do Now? http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/you-unexpectedly-made-it-big,-what-should-you-do-now-677 Staff Writer 2010-03-22 17:08:53 As an entrepreneur you have to expect the unexpected and fear for the worst, but what if the worst never comes and you make it big? You haven't prepared for this experience and more than likely you aren't trained for growth and success so the new experience can be a... \ Cup It Food Franchise http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/cup-it-food-franchise-331 Staff Writer 2010-03-18 13:12:46 In New York, Cup It a portable food franchise has opened up stores in four different locations. The founder/entrepreneur of the company, Mete Oguz who is originally from Turkey has designed a meal in a cup that everyone loves. He even claims that Americans love it, because some of the... \ Entrepreneur-Actress http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/entrepreneur-actress-888 Staff Writer 2010-03-18 12:43:35 With Jesse James being an entrepreneur and a motorcycle builder, and Sandra Bullock an actress. Both of their jobs require a lot of time away from home. Being an actress requires more time away, due to filming in certain locations. Hopefully the two can work out their issues and stay... \ DWD-Unemployment http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/dwd-unemployment-964 Staff Writer 2010-03-18 12:05:18 With the economy being the way it is right now and all, people are being layed off. Unfortunately the unemployment rate right now in Beloit, has hit an 18.3 percent high. That is why Roberta Gassman, Secretary for the Department of Workforce Development is speaking in Beloit this morning. She... \ Young Innovation http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/young-innovation-446 Staff Writer 2010-03-18 11:51:46 In San Francisco at the end of the month of March, a huge competition will be going on between 21 student teams from across the globe. These teams will be competing for $25,000 in prize money, coaching from over 40 Silicon Valley industry leaders, and the chance of a lifetime,... \ OriGene Technologies http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/origene-technologies-241 Staff Writer 2010-03-18 11:36:10 A genetic tool company based out of Maryland, is building monoclonal antibodies. OriGene Technologies clones various human proteome and is working on building the largest collection of monoclonal antibodies, which includes cDNA, shRNA, over 5,000 human proteins, 100,000 human tissues. Wei-Wu-He who is OriGene's Chairman and CEO of the company said... \ Yumo-Together in Concert http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/yumo-together-in-concert-425 Staff Writer 2010-03-18 11:23:12 If you have skills and not sure how to hook up with a job, then let Jumo do it for you. Chris Hughes is launching a new venture today. It matches peoples skills and interests up with organizations, that are looking for someone like you. Mr. Hughes, who is an... \ Underwater Electricity http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/underwater-electricity-446 Staff Writer 2010-03-18 10:52:30 When John Douglas sold his wind power company Ventus Energy Inc., he took up underwater power transmission. It seems that Mr. Doughlas has an interest in running electricity from Canada to the United States. John has a number of Canadians helping with the venture of this underline water transmission of... \ Domicile vs. Non-Domicile http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/domicile-vs-non-domicile-441 Staff Writer 2010-03-18 10:36:48 A competition between two men who both live in the United Kingdom. The problem is that one is considered domicile and pays the taxes in the UK, and the other is considered non-domicile and does not pay the UK taxes. Both men are entrepreneurs, tycoon's and friends as well. It's... \ Rubberized Grass http://www.zeromillion.com/news/s.php/rubberized-grass-310 Staff Writer 2010-03-17 18:58:02 Conor O'Neill, a 23 year old landscape gardener who turned entrepreneur, has found a way to recycle tyres into grass. Conor spent six years researching the ideal of this, and has travelled Europe extensively to find the best system for this. He learned that tyres can be crumbled into a... \