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Would you ever propose a JV to a potential partner that insults his intelligence,  aims to squeeze the potential in his lists brutally and later on leaving him with  a corrupted list? 

Would you ever participate fully in a JV where the sole aim is to prostitute your hard earned, well maintained lists?

As I write this, I have received 3 major JV invitations for Christmas and one of them -- quite frankly, will result in serious abuse of your lists. Two e.g. are given below.

1. There is a 12 day stuff going on where the JV partners subscribers wer initialy forced to download an email application which these JV proponent is trying to promote! And as a JV partner you don't know about it until you yourself enroll for receiving these gifts!

But these guys became wise soon, changed their wrong approach and showed the commitment to come up to the expectations of the JV partners.

2. Another JV venture, 117 gifts, is outrageous! Your subscriber is put through 6 steps before he gets the first set of gifts!

Your subscriber has to click through their product promotion page twice. The objective is very clear! It is NOT to build the lists of both the JV proponent and JV partner, but it is a cheap ploy to sell the products of the JV proponent!

Again the JV partner is neither aware nor informed about this! He joins with the dream of getting a truck load of subscribers...but in fact he is compromising his own lists.

What kind of a JV is this where participants are taken for a ride with hidden motives?

Joining for JV's like this will seriously undermine your effectiveness with the future interaction with your lists.

So what are basic steps to remember while proposinga JV or participating in a JV?

For The JV Proponent

1. Today you may be a guru. People may flock at your doorstep to enter into your JV. But the moment you stop giving value and becomes interested only in getting value from you JV partner, you are inviting trouble. A JV is always a Win-Win situation. Remember that basic line forever as a JV proponent.

2. Put every card on the table to the JV partner. After all, he is your equal partner...not someone to be taken for a ride. Remember that you are entering into JV for substantial mutual benefit and your JV partner is not there to receive crumbs from you.

3. Avoid all types of hype with JV partner! After all, if you consider someone as your JV partner, he has some standing for himself in the market as well as he is successful in his own way! Do not insult his intelligence.

For The JV Participant

1. Carefully study the JV proposal before you jump into one! Do not star blasting to your list just because there is word 'Gift' for your subscribers.

2. Do not fall the hype. Remember that your list is one of the most important ingredients of your online business. Respect your subscribers and care for them. Do not expose them to unscrupulous marketers who comes out the so called 'JV's.

3. Always do a 'SWOT'. That is, identify the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats before you participate in a JV.

4. Do not be scared that you will be left out of the race! Have the full confidence that your business came into existence NOT because of these so called gurus. It is because of your hard work, your will to learn, integrity, customer orientation and the products you chose!

In a nut shell: Propose and participate in JVs if you mean it all the way!

This Ebusiness article was written by S. Kumar on 2/28/2005

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