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Servier | | Regional Manager | 17th October##comma##2004 | Executive
I am a regional manager of srevier international which is a multinational pharmaceutical company.

What kind of training or education did you acquire before your venture?
I am a chemist start my job as a medical representative of pharma company##comma##after four years now i am a regional manager of multinational pharma company.

What services or products does your organization offer?
My company sale medicine .and I am located in capital city.

What type of business or organization do you operate?
Sale medicine through promotion to doctors##comma## because i could not find any job rather it.

How many employees do you currently have?

How did you originally discover the idea for your organization?
Through promotion

How did you originally fund your organization?
Venture capital

Are you the founder of your organization?

Do you believe there is any distinct culture within your organization? If so, please describe it.
Yes .and it is ethical compare than other company

What obstacles or challenges have you faced in your organization?
Sometimes demotivate due fear to lose job. through work

Did you accept any advice along the way? Do you believe new organizations should be open to such advice?

Did you receive any help along the way from other businesses or organizations? If so, how and from whom?

What have been the keys to success in your business? What do you believe are the keys to success?
By hard work

What kind of relationship do you establish with your customers or clients?

What types of marketing do you employ?

Do you employ any web or online marketing?

What role does trust play in business or in your organization?

Did you struggle with starting your own organization or venture? Why did you decide to begin on your own?

What books or resources would you recommend for individuals starting off now?

Do you notice any trends in the marketplace? If so, what are they?

Do you believe networking and contacts are important? If so, how?

What do you think about contracts and other legal obligations? Are they important in your business?

If there is one thing that would sum up your advice to new entrepreneurs, what would it be?

What, if any, final advice do you have for new entrepreneurs?

This addedinterviews article was written by Ahidul Islam on 3/9/2005

Ahidul Islam Servier Executive