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I was a huge fan of Cory Rudl’s up until recently and you can review my initial impressions of him within this same site. He is a phenomenon on the web. Pure and simple, no one under any other circumstances has created as much personal wealth in such as short time with such super powered Internet marketing. He has his fans and I remain one of them. What distresses me is that Cory seems to have become all about the money.

Here’s my most recent experience with Cory Rudl. I recently filled out an online application to be screened as a possible student (that is, he would mentor me personally). A great many questions were asked of me, because he states he is selective and only looking for the best.

I submitted my request for consideration. Within 2 weeks I was called by his recruiting company to see if I qualified to mentor with Cory, as the online application stated would be my privilege. To be considered for an immediate spot (there were only 2 left at the time), I had to answer a number of personal financial questions and have $8,000.00 available via credit card immediately. In my questioning, I learn that I am not really going to be Cory’s personal student, but that I am going to be farmed off to one of his trained staff for mentoring.

Yes, I want to grow my business and yes, I use a mentor currently in my plan for business growth, but my personal mentor is the real deal. I talk to him and not his trainers. So, as you can imagine, I questioned what I had applied for, and how this now appeared to be a bait and switch for the $8,000.00. They also had the audacity to question my business strategy when they didn’t know me from Adam and had no history with me.

I was not happy and told the recruiter that I personally thought what they were doing was unethical and that my customers would call me on the carpet for such antics. Then, I find out that the training I would receive would make me one of Cory’s affiliates. No thanks. I don’t think he has the best of everything on the web and now I question his truth in advertising.

Anyway, the recruiter, suggested I talk to Joe Vitale, who was more the kind of mentor she thought I might be seeking. She said he came from a different place and was that money was the outcome of his philosophy and not the gist of it.

I later received a canned email from Cory asking me to do a phone call interview/conference with him. I declined by not responding.

I don’t appreciate bait and switch tactics.

I think his marketing course has good information in it, but I suggest you shop around before you purchase. The course is priced at $200.00 and is good for beginners. His consulting is pricey at $1,500.00 an hour and his mentoring requires an $8000.00 down payment. I think you can do better. I did.

One of the most important things in working with the Internet is to have competent people to assist you. My students pay on a sliding scale, and I recommend only top notch vendors that provide great service, and do so without money as the primary consideration.

I still think Cory Rudl is amazing, but I question now some of his methods for getting there.

UPDATE: Thursday, June 2, 2005
Internet marketing “legend” Corey Rudl passed away in a tragic car racing accident late last night in California. Corey was only 34 and recently married.

Corey Rudl was killed when the car he was racing, a Porsche Carrera GT left the track and slammed into a barrier car crashed and caught fire at the California Speedway.

Rudl from La Jolla, CA, died Thursday night as he was pronounced dead at the scene.


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