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Dr. Philip Humbert came to my attention through a friend that recommended I check out his website at Dr. Humbert is a wonderful life coach, writer, and speaker whose purpose is to help people create abundant lives.

Dr. Humbert has three free ebooks that I recommend you read. These include Making Money, Creating Wealth, Personal Eco-Systems™: Creating Systems for Automatic Success and Goal – Setting 101™. All three ebooks are available at the website.

Dr. Humbert also offers business and personal coaching services, teleclasses, tapes and books, and seminar workshops as part of his approach to mentoring and coaching. He is available for speaking engagements. All of his materials are very reasonably priced.

Dr. Humbert works very hard to provide valuable resources, both motivational and practical, to assist individuals from all walks of life to expand their potentials.

Personally, I need a balanced approach to life. Business is just a part of that balance. All of you are here at this website to make money. Adding Dr. Humbert’s teachings to your quest will only make your final success sweeter.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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