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“Elite Activity is not a company.” The website clearly states this as fact. Elite Activity is not an investment or club or business. It is a group of people (participants) devoted to teaching individuals how to lead an abundant life through giving freely to other human beings. No one can argue that this is a super philosophy to live. Here’s how it goes.

The website addresses the legality of gifting stating, “Yes, it has always been legal to give.” The site also claims that both American and Canadian citizens can give freely to one another a long as there are no promises and no guarantees (expectations) of a return of any kind.

Ok, the Federal Trade Commission says that gifting is illegal, but the Elite Activity Website has both the Canadian and American codes regarding gifting spelled out and they seem to have worked their way around the law.

So, how do you get involved with Elite Activity? You are invited by another Elite Activity participant to share the “philosophy of abundant living.” One of the big questions at this website is this, “How do I receive monetary gifts?” This is a statement that we all realize translates into, “how do I make money?”

The website states that “as participants we all agree that before we accept any gifts from another Elite Participant we will freely give in the following ways; 1) a monetary gift is given to a designated participant, 2) each participant will have at least one accepted invitee before receiving any gifts and two accepted invitees before moving to a forward panel.” Personally, to me this is not “giving freely.”

Stop right here. All this talk about giving and now the rules of how and to whom. In other words, everyone makes money and there is a pecking order based on criteria. Get this, if you aren’t comfortable giving away money they want you to decline becoming a participant of Elite Activity. There are also dues you pay for tracking software access, programming, and website maintenance, etc.

At Elite Activity it appears that you will be recruiting participants via invitation to give away money to people designated to receive because they moved to a specific panel.

Elite Activity gets around the legality issues by insisting participants send a gifting statement with monetary gifts with rights to the money released and no expectation of any return. This is called showing pure intent.

I cannot recommend this and I would hasten to add that the FTC is going to tell you to avoid this one. Why don’t you take a minute and talk to the Federal Trade Commission, I did and it was illuminating.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/3/2006

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