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Being an entrerpreneur requires more than just instinct and timing – it requires training. The best entrepreneurs in this world spend a good amount of their day studying, learning, and reading up on other entrepreneurs out there.
This is the best type of entrepreneurship training. For example, if you want to be an entrepreneur, there is no reason to not have a subscription yet to Entrepreneur magazine. Here is a Free Trial Subscription to the magazine
You have already made the right step by coming to ZeroMillion to begin your entrepreneurship training. You should take a moment to read through the interviews section. It will give you an upclose look at several very successful and small business entrepreneurs. This type of entrepreneurship training is priceless.

Your entrepreneurship training shouldn’t end there. See if you know someone – a family member or friend – who is an entrepreneur so you can get a closer look at what life is like, what works and what doesn’t. Go out and start buying books about entrepreneurs, or search your local newspaper for stories on local entrepreneurs.
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This Entrepreneurship article was written by Johnson Brandonver on 9/25/2005

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