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Government Auctions

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Anytime I hear the word government used as an adjective, I become skeptical. Call me a cynic, but nothing associated with our government, as good as it is, comes without considerable expense to the taxpayer whether that be your time, your space, or your money.

You must, however, experience a government auction to understand the feeding frenzy. Hundreds to thousands of ordinary citizens will show up to haggle over cars, boats, homes and other valuables. Your local newspaper is a reliable source of times, places, and goodies to be offered on the government auction block. Because of the intensity of the bidding, be prepared to pay. Few, if any, people will get a deal here. You will have fun, if the sight of the masses running amok does not frighten you.

Having attended many government auctions, I have yet to see anyone close a house for a dollar. Yes, that is what the ad touted, but since you will be paying a fair market price here, becoming a reseller for these goods can be problematic unless your target market can bear the upcharge. If this is your mentality, I would suggest canning it. Otherwise you may find yourself stuck with some pretty nice auction items covering your lawn or parked in your drive.

If reselling is your thing, eBay may be easier. However, I am essentially lazy and found a home based opportunity that has created what I wanted most, personal freedom.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 9/8/2005

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