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Kevin Meyers comes with quite an impressive set of professional credentials.  He holds an MBA, was a military officer in the US Coast Guard, teaches community college courses, and owns StreetSmart Real Estate, Inc. in Albuquerque.  His focus has been on rehab properties.

With over twenty years in real estate under his belt Kevin penned Find It, Buy It, Fix It, Profit!  He then joined forces with Lyn Carter, also a real estate guru, to create Our Unique Foreclosure Warrior, a 12 step investment program.  The course retails for around $600.00.

The reviews on Mr. Meyers’ book have been mixed.  Find It, Buy It, Fix It, Profit! is easily confused with Robert Irwin’s book Find It, Buy It, Fix It.  This is much too similar to be a coincidence if you know real estate.  What my sources tell me that the book and the course are average, but a good value for the money.  So this may be a great title for those of you starting out in real estate investing or for those of you that don’t feel you are experts yet.

Check the public library to see if they have a copy.  If you like the book, the course might a good buy.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/7/2006

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