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Pamela Heywood is a seasoned veteran in the business world.  With thirty five years under her belt as a reporter, translator and writer, Ms. Heywood transitioned to the web to become Internet entrepreneur.  She regularly publishes an online newsletter that is worth subscribing to for the balance perspective it provides.  Having spent many years in the offline world, her approach is to combine the best of offline marketing with the best of online marketing to achieve business goals is smart. Both avenues are viable. She is also quick to point to the redundancy of online marketers.  Her approach is to find the point of the advertising between all the lines of hype and to train you to look for content.  Training content is presented for business owners in her newsletter.

I am of the impression that Pamela Heywood is a great source of information for all business owners.  So many offline avenues of advertising and revenue are overlooked in the get rich quick atmosphere of the Internet.  She is a good read for what she remembers.  There are not a lot of other marketers around talking about anything other than the Internet.  Learn to use both.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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