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Another in a long and weary group of get rich quick through affiliate marketing gurus. Claiming affiliate marketing is easy is just plain ludicrous. Unless you are gifted, you are going to expend a lot of time, money, and energy promoting someone else’s product and receive only a percentage of the profits for doing so. Sounds easy, doesn’t it when you don’t have to create your own products? Sounds easy, doesn’t it to let someone else call all the shots at your business? Trust me you are going to work very hard to be a success at affiliate marketing.

Stephen Pierce will sell you his ebook that tells you how to get rich as an affiliate marketer. His claims to a $30.000 a month income using this system wasn’t something I could verify. However, much of his money my sources tell me was made as a Clickbank affiliate.

Mr. Pierce probably has some very valuable nuggets in his ebook. If affiliate marketing is your Internet dream, read his work as part of your research on the subject.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/5/2006

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