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When Steve Maletos lost his home to bankruptcy and had it sold off to an investor for 45% below market value, he sat up and paid attention.  How had this investor pulled this off?  Right then and there, Steve Maletos made a decision to change his life forever.  He decided that he would never again be put in such a position.  He decided to learn all he could about foreclosures. 

Steve Maletos next step was to become a self-taught foreclosure guru.  He did this by reading all he could on the subject, and then developing his own techniques for the process.   He threw out all the models before him, wrote his own course, and now sells it as a CD or ebook. You can pick up Steve Maletos for about $80.00.  The title is Fast Cash in Foreclosures.  Mr. Maletos claims to have been raking in huge profits from distressed properties and foreclosures for over 7 years. 

Here’s the catch.  As of this review, Steve Maletos was promising to return your money if you didn’t make $5000 within one month when flipping a property or by closing your first by and sell deal within 90 days.  However, you have to study 10 hours a week with his system to get the refund.  I am not sure how Mr. Maletos verifies your study hours, but I am sure he has a system in place.

One of the things that I like about this system is that it isn’t a get rich quick scheme, as many of the real estate programs claim to be.  While I am not a real estate investor, I can’t help but think that since the cost of Mr. Maletos system is so reasonable compared to others, and since it claims to contain a unique approach to the foreclosure business that it might be a valuable addition to your real estate library.


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 4/7/2006

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