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You can put your wallet away. Don’t purchase Top Surfer because there are better and more efficient ways to make sales with Internet advertising that works.

Top Surfer draws people with something to sell! Pay attention. I did not say that Top Surfer drew people who want to purchase. This is a huge and very important difference. You’ll only want to pay your hard earned dollars to reach targeted customers. This is the number one problem with Top Surfer.

Here’s how Top Surfer works. You get credits through Top Surfer for viewing the websites of other Top Surfer clients. It’s easy to click on websites while doing any number of chores; opening the mail, chatting on the phone, or watching the television. Paying attention to the advertising at other Top Surfer sites isn’t required, so the chances of selling anything are slim. This is the number two problem with Top Surfer.

There are much better ways to use your time and to spend your money. I’ve been in professional marketing and sales for over twenty seven years. I would be delighted to share with you methods that will work successfully for your Internet business


This Entrepreneurship article was written by Gracie Bowers on 9/8/2005

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