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 One factor you may want to consider in saving money on your car insurance is bundling your insurances together.  It is common for homeowners to bundle their auto insurance policies along with their homeowners insurance, or to insure other items, such as motorcycles or boats, through their car insurance company as well.  Bundling insurance not only saves insurance companies extra unnecessary paperwork, it also encourages relationship-building and more business, which results in lower overall quotes for you.  Bundling your insurance also results in fewer bills.  Oftentimes if you choose to bundle, you can request that the quotes simply get combined into one comprehensive bill, saving you time and hassle.

Bundling is, of course, not always the correct answer.  You may still be able to find cheaper rates with another company than with the bundling company, or the amount of money that you save may not justify the difference in service or coverage.  But the difference may be substantial.  I recently dropped the policy of my old car insurance company and bundled with the company that provides my homeowners insurance, as they were able to provide nearly identical coverage at an astonishing savings of 30-40%!

Now this may seem almost unbelievable, especially since my original car insurance company is well-recognized as one of the best in its field, however the amount of available to my homeowners insurance company was much greater, given that they had a much more elaborate knowledge of my living situation from prior business with them.  This is one of those situations where more information works to your advantage. 

It should also be noted that bundling, almost by its nature, is expected to lead to reduced quotes simply because it assumes the existence of many insured items, a factor which insurance companies know to be suggestive of safe investments.

This Financial Services article was written by Mark Karavan on 10/14/2009

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