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Understanding your search terms and how your potential visitors are trying to find your site can be hugely beneficial. Below, I have put together a break down of a moderately competetive term, to give you an idea of what we mean. Main Term: loan personal uk Your primary search term is “loan personal uk”. I would refer to this as a seed term, as “loan personal uk” will be seed from which you grow all your other search terms. Using Overture to search through “loan personal uk”, you can begin to see how this search tree will grow. In this case, lets pretend that your page on “loan personal uk” is actually about secured pursonal loans in the United Kingdom.

Now we are going to take a second to talk about the different classes of terms.

Descriptive Direct Terms: These are terms that only modify your visitor’s search sligntly, allowing them to hone in on a particular theme or item that still is pertinent to your page. In the case of “personal loans uk”, we have some of the following.

  • secured personal loan uk
  • personal loan in uk
  • secured personal loan consolidation uk
  • personal loan lender uk
  • loan mortgage personal secured uk
  • fax no personal loan uk
  • loan personal uk secured uk

    Descriptive Indirect Terms: These are terms that modify yours only minorly sematically, but indicate an individual not interested in your service.

  • loan personal uk unsecured
  • bad credit loan personal uk unsecured
  • in loan personal uk unsecured
  • compare loan personal uk unsecured
  • loan personal tenant uk unsecured

    Action Terms: These are great terms to go after, because they indicate the individual is interested in action. Look for words like “buy, instant, now, fast, instant”.

  • compare loan personal secured uk
  • apply loan personal uk
  • fast loan personal uk
  • add loan personal uk url
  • application loan personal uk
  • instant loan personal uk
  • instant loan personal secured uk uk
  • loan online personal uk

    Self Identifying Terms: These terms help you understand the buyer. The buyer identifies his/her situation in association with your keyword phrase. This is good for targeting specific niches.

  • no cost loan personal uk
  • bad credit loan personal uk
  • home loan owner personal uk
  • tenant personal loan uk
  • bankruptcy obtaining personal loan uk

    Now that you have had a chance to look over several examples, try to classify the terms below. Going through your terms like this will increase your chances of doing well in the search engines. You can build content that makes the most out of your visitors, target them specifically every time!

  • This Financial Services article was written by George MacGregor on 7/22/2005

    George is a financial advisor in London