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 When these companies are attempting to solicit new card holders they will offer gifts as inducements to get people to sign up for these cards. Of course, it is important that you not apply for student credit cards simply to obtain a free gift.

A very common type of special deal is airline mileage that accumulates every time you make a charge on a card. Indeed, this type of student credit card benefit can be very useful to many students.

There are also student credit cards that offer to you a cash back program. You get cash back each and every time that you make use of the student credit card.

The universe of what is available in the way of credit card special offers has expanded greatly in recent years. Through the use of certain types of credit cards you can obtain everything from cash back offers to discounts at various retail outlets to complimentary hotel rooms. In some ways, the list of credit card special offers is nearly endless. Thus, when you are on the hunt for a credit card, spend the time looking around to find the card with added benefits that most suit your needs.

This Financial Services article was written by Colby Almond on 5/11/2010