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Summer is the season for vacations, road trips, and weekends away at the beach or the mountains. I hope you have a fun getaway planned. If you’re like me or one of my clients, you’re wondering whether you can stay healthy on vacation. Maybe this even stresses you out a bit.

I was just speaking with one of my clients who was getting ready for a vacation and she wanted to come up with a plan to stay on track while she ‘s away. I love the fact that she wanted to come up with a plan, but I didn’t want her “plan” to get in the way of her having an AMAZING vacation.  She was going away with husaband to Europe, without her children for the first time in years. This was definitely a very special trip.

We agreed that her top priority was relaxing and having fun.  But we also agreed that if she was eating junk and not moving her body that she wouldn’t feel her best and, therefore, wouldn’t enjoy her vacation as much as she could. So, we came up with some ideas for how she could continue to feel good while away and I’d like to share those ideas, as well as some others with you.

1. Find fun ways to get physical activity such as taking a walk in a beautiful setting, going swimming, hiking, or canoeing. Plan activities with your friends and family. You will feel better if you stay active.

2. Continue eating lots of fruits and vegetables.  They will satisfy you and give you good energy.

3. Give yourself permission to indulge, but only eat foods you absolutely love.  If you don’t love it, it’s not worth it.

4. If you’re driving, pack a cooler with plenty of water, fruits, vegetables, dips like hummus, trailmix, and things you can use to make a sandwich or salad so you aren’t forced to eat fast food on the road.  If you’re flying you can pack a small lunch bag with some snacks for the trip.

5. Make a plan for when you get back. Schedule in time to go to the grocery store or the farmers’ market.  You can even make a shopping list ahead of time with some meal plans, or freeze leftovers before you go.

Have relaxing, fun, and safe travels this summer!

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