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It is important that you convey an image of professionalism. Dignity should always be maintained. At the same time, you should express “constrained enthusiasm”.

It can sometimes be a tight walk.

Professionalism can be defined as conducting your business with complete respect for the feelings of your prospect or customer.

Here are three guidelines to keep you on track:

1. “Loosen up” at the same rate as your prospect. As an example, go to a first-name basis only after the prospect makes a move in that direction or asks you to use first names.

2. Avoid bringing up personal matters in a new business relationship. Let your prospect introduce personal information before volunteering your own.

3. “Knocking” competitors is taboo. It may get your point across, but it almost always wrecks your image at the same time. Blasting rivals is highly unprofessional.

4. Be punctual for all appointments. Never leave your client waiting.

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This Personal Development article was written by Jerry West on 3/21/2005

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