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After seeing Mr. Dalbey’s TV show, I decided to check out the America’s Note Network (ANN) website. Basically, the course teaches people ways to sell cash flow notes and make money. I was a bit skeptical at first, mostly because I have never purchased anything from an infomercial before. I have always prided myself on making good sound decisions. I decided not to buy at that time.


A few days afterwards, I mentioned the opportunity to my sister. She told me that her husband Bill had a note on some family property and he wanted to try and sell it. That’s when the potential of the note business really hit me – it was right under my nose. So when the TV show came on again a week later, I purchased the Winning In The Cash Flow Business course, and soon received my educational material in the mail.


Once I opened it up and began reading, it was just like Russ had explained it would be. Find them, list them, and sell them. I made my first deal two weeks later! I would recommend this course to anyone who has the time and dedication to learn the note business. Once you get the basics down, it’s easy to make money, BUT you have to take the time to really educate yourself. I would recommend getting a coach as well. The Dalbey Wealth Institute handles all of its own fulfillment and support right from Russ’ own office – that’s rare in this business. Russ even continues to work in the business he teaches. As a result, his customer service team is always available, emails are answered in a timely manner and students have direct access to well-trained experts in the cash flow business.


I’ve even heard Russ brings students right into his office for classes and works with students directly – try getting that kind of attention from other business education companies.


For myself, I just want to say a big thank you" to all the people that work with the Dalbey Wealth Institute. I was new to the note business and the people that worked with Russ Dalbey’s company were great at helping me understand everything. I didn’t need any motivation to work hard – I’ve always been a hard worker. But unlike other work-at-home programs I’ve tried, they were able to make everything clear – even though I had never done anything with real estate notes before! 


Here is some feedback I got from a couple of his students&ldots;


"I had been on a personal research ‘thing’ where I was ordering left and right. I had ordered a couple of real estate programs, get rich quick in real estate – a couple of the multi-level marketing schemes. But none of them worked out like Winning in the Cash Flow Business did." Source: Charles F., Chicago, IL


"Real estate is that it’s a difficult business. If you have ever been involved in buying and selling real estate, it can be a real pain – it’s hard! It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do.  You got to find a buyer, you’ve got to structure it, plus it takes cash if you’re buying it. With the note business, you don’t need any of those things.  You can own a note and the payment can come to you on a property that could be clear across the country – you don’t have to go visit it, you don’t have to DO anything.  It’s just so simple!" Source: Daryl S., Grand Rapids, MI.