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Setting up and hosting a virtual event requires quite a bit of legwork and cost. Before you do anything, you have to decide wither it’s a teleseminar or a webinar, and then you have to figure out whether you are going to charge people for it. Then, you have to decide what you want to get across at the event, coordinate with your affiliates and JV partners, select a service to host and manage your event, write your copy, compose your sales letters, create your autoresponders, design your sales and marketing funnel, build excitement, tell all your friends, and on and on.

Amidst all this hectic preparation, the biggest challenge is to decide how and where to promote your event so that you can fill all the available spaces and have a successful event that meets your goals. If you’re stuck on this step, consider these 22 promotional options:

1.      Through your website

2.      Your affiliates

3.      Your blog

4.      Your ezine or newsletter

5.      Your strategic alliances

6.      Your joint venture partners

7.      Event calendar sites

     a.       Full Calendar –

     b. –

     c.       Events Setter –

8.      Webinar/Teleseminar listing services (paid or free)

     a.       See You On The Call –

     b.      Self Growth –

     c.       Seminar Announcer –

     d.      Planet Teleclass –

9.      Status update on Facebook

10.  Twitter

11.  Facebook events

12.  LinkedIn in your profile

13.  LinkedIn status update

14.  LinkedIn event

15.  In your article resource boxes (in relevant articles)

16.  Other social networking sites you use

17.  In your email signature

18.  Press release

19.  Craigslist

20.  Listservs and discussion forums you belong to (but double check that promotions are allowed)

21.  Forums you participate in

22.  Pay Per Click campaigns

This Business article was written by Jennifer Davey on 2/10/2012

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