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 So you’ve got a cleaning business and you want to go about making the acceptance of payments a little easier on yourself?  Well, it’s probably time to get set up with a credit card processing company.  Credit card processing companies are very easy to use, but you want to make sure that the one you are hiring for your business is, in fact a good one; that way you have nothing to worry about when you are accepting credit cards in a carpet cleaning business.
The first thing that you want to check with regards to your credit card processing company is that they have a reasonably low discount rate.  The discount rate is the fee that is tacked on to the price of each transaction when the card is run; usually this hovers somewhere in the area of 2%, with a slightly higher cost for e-businesses.  However, because you will most likely be doing house calls, you will want to set up either an e-terminal or a portable terminal that will allow you to begin accepting credit cards in a carpet cleaning business on the fly.
Once you have found a company with a solid discount rate and that provides the credit card processing options that you need, you can go about researching the companies to find out which ones have the best records of customer reviews and such.  To do this, you can consult, JD Power and associates, or simply ask some of your colleagues who are in similar kinds of businesses what they like with regards to credit card processing companies.
This may sound a bit convoluted, but knowing how to set up a good system for the acceptance of credit makes it very easy to go about accepting credit cards in a carpet cleaning business.  Make sure that you have a good company, and then your financial worries will be reduced by one more!

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 3/24/2010