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 If you are just starting out with your new business and want to get a business capital card, one small thing will be standing in your way; you need good credit already in order to apply for a good credit card.  Well, this may sound a little bit cyclical, but there is a very good way around this.
The best kind of credit card to apply for in the early stages of the development of your business is a secured credit card.  Now, this kind of arrangement may seem a little pointless, as if requires you to keep money in a savings account in order to buy things on it, but there is a distinct advantage to the security; it allows first-time entrepreneurs to have a business where they can gain access to a card that does not require any pulls from personal credit at all, thereby guaranteeing autonomy to the business itself.  With this method, you can rapidly get into having good business capital card credit!
One small thing you might also want to consider is what kind of credit cards you will get after you have applied for the one in question.  You will have many more options once you are in the system and have a history of credit card development.  After a few months with a secured credit card, and hopefully some positive developments in your business as well, you will soon have access to a number of credit cards that are much more beneficial to you, and you can select them on the basis of their rewards.  So as long as you build up quickly in the early game, you can later put yourself in a situation where you have access to solid business capital card credit â€" one small step at a time.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 3/27/2010