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One of the most popular rewards for personal credit cards is very common to business credit cards as well: air miles. In our increasingly mobile world, air travel is becoming more and more common, and the possibility of big savings on the longest of trips is an excellent method of savings indeed! But how do you know which kinds of miles are best for you? Well, it all depends on who is issuing the business credit cards.

Air miles can be distributed in one of two ways: directly to a specific airline (which is what airline-issued credit cards have to offer) or across multiple airlines (which is how banks issue credit cards). Deciding which is right for you depends on your local situation. If you are familiar with, and partial to, a particular airline that is available in your area, you will make more significant savings on that airline’s trips than you would with one-size-fits-all bank-issued business credit cards. Air miles in the latter circumstance, however, are extremely useful if you are like most fliers and want to have the options available to make different kinds of decisions.

Also, it is important to consider the necessary redemption levels that the airline card has to offer. If your credit card is asking for $25,000 in a year before you are able to redeem your credit card miles, then you need to be sure that you are going to spend that much before you sign up with your business credit card. If your business is spending less, you may want to consider a credit card with lower redemption levels.

Air miles are simply another of many different kinds of rewards that you have available at your disposal. As with any new credit card, make sure that the rewards that the credit cards are offering are going to fit your unique lifestyle.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 1/20/2010