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 Are you getting started with your first business?  Then it may interest you to know that there are a number of different options available with respect to business credit lines.  These typically come in two major forms: amortized credit and revolving credit.  However, there are also other forms of credit lines and in this article we will briefly go over what is what.
Perhaps the most common kind of business credit lines is the common business credit card.  Business credit cards (and lines of credit) are forms of revolving credit, meaning that they accumulate interest that remains in an account that is paid off monthly.  Business credit cards are incredibly convenient for entrepreneurs and personal users alike, and they are usually the first form of credit that people familiarize themselves with.
Amortized credit refers to big lump sums of credit that are given out all at once for the purchase of property and other large overhead, and are paid off in regular, monthly installments over a period of years (in the business world, this is usually somewhere between five and fifteen).  The largest loans that get issued are amortized, as they typically cover exceptionally large expenses.
The variations of these two principal kinds of credit can take many different forms.  For example, one can sign up for merchant cash advances, for which merchants will give large sums of money based exclusively on credit card sales, without even factoring into account the individual’s credit rating.  P2P loans take on many different variations as well.
There are many different kinds of business credit lines, however it must be understood that not everything needs to be financed; sometimes the best deals are the ones that are scrapped and saved for.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 3/29/2010