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When shopping around for a decent loan, it is important to be aware of the different kinds of business credit services that are available to you.

The first and most common is the business credit card; not terribly different from the personal credit card, business credit cards are issued to businesses rather than individuals; in other words, they carry the name of the c-corp, LLC or whatever other sort of business they represent rather than that of the owner. Business credit cards come in as wide a variety as personal credit cards, and tend to offer comparable deals and benefits. They also tend to have higher limits and higher interest rates.

Another of the well-known business credit services is the business property mortgage, which is similar to the conventional property mortgage. The interest rates tend to be higher, as do the downpayments, and the terms tend to be much shorter, typically ten to fifteen years. Typically, it is best to seek the services of small banks and credit unions rather than large banks, as they tend to be more competitive and more interested in starting a business relationship with the client.

Accounts Receivable financing is a service that lenders offer to businesses that allow their customers to charge their businesses. These are typically businesses with strong credit that are facing short-term cash flow problems.

Business leasing services are a good shortcut ownership, as they enable small businesses access to capital that they would not otherwise be able to use. While these types of merchants are, of course, not lenders of capital credit, they do nevertheless act as business credit services and are very widely used.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 11/22/2009