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If you need business financing for horrible credit in today’s economic environment, your options may be unfortunately limited; having recently revisited their policies, most banks, large and small, have increased their levels of regulation on business loans. While you may find some deals that seem okay on the surface, you may want to take a close look before you undertake too much for yourself. Rather than wading through the turbulent waters of the financial system, you may be better off simply fixing your credit so that you don’t have to.

Make sure that your credit report is accurate. If there are errors, contact your bureau as soon as possible and have them fix the error.

Repay your outstanding debts as quickly as possible, prioritizing those with the highest interest rates first. If your debts are overwhelming, try seeking the aid of a non-profit debt counseling service. You may be surprised by how easy debt consolidation is; a single transaction can reduce your debts by as much as 40%. Again, you want to make sure that these are not for profit industries! Offers to help you consolidate your debt that are accompanied by aggressive solicitation are scams that will likely get you further into the hole. Cancel your credit cards.

Sell your valuables and live more frugally. No one ever said getting out of debt was going to be fun, but there’s no other way to be free of hunting for business financing for horrible credit.

Once you are a little freer, you can start re-applying for credit cards and work on paying them off. If you need small credit cards or secured credit cards, take those offers. The sooner you can start using credit cards to your advantage, the better.

In as little as twelve months, you can see very substantial improvements to your credit, enabling you with more options than having to apply for business financing for horrible credit. Continue the practices that you used to get you out of debt, and you will be on your way to prosperity!

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 1/1/2010