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If you are running a car dealership, getting a business loan for cars will require an excellent credit history and a proposal that shows strong stability. However, car dealerships are not the only ones who finance auto purchases with business loans; for car dealers, small businesses and even personal use, business loans can be employed to get the transportation that you need.

Small businesses are often one of the largest recipients of auto purchases from business loans, and this is especially true today due to a shift in the retail and service paradigms. For many decades, retail distributions have been done through the “big box” paradigm; a large corporate franchise gets its name out through advertising campaigns, influences businesses to set up shop with a large brick-and-mortar operation in a mall or commercial district, creates jobs, and forms the commercial paradigm that we are familiar with today. The problem with this model is that businesses of this sort suffer greatly due to their large overhead; the end goal of the business is to deliver a product or service to the customer, and for a long time do this required an established name, a clever advertising campaign, a lot of property, high insurance costs and a large number of jobs to pay and regulations to comply with…all just to convey the necessary information to distribute the product. Today that is no longer true. The internet has changed the way that we gather and distribute information, and has done so in a way that enables even very small wallets to afford advertising space.

Businesses, accordingly, are taking new forms. Take, for example, the pet industry. The long-standing paradigm of Petco and other such enterprises is being eroded away by competitive, local businesses that offer pet care services and the sale of products of equal quality, which are done at the convenience of a vehicle that comes to your door, and amazingly costs just about as much. The businesses are very easy to break into; they require little more than a business loan for cars, franchise rights (which are small) and some insurance, and with that a business can be up and running very easily.

The loans can, of course, also be used to make your personal life easier, and this is one of the huge advantages to business ownership. With a business investment you can buy the resources needed not only to give you a sound return on your investment, but also to help you find the products and services that you want.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 2/2/2010