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Making the customer happy is a very important edict in business. The only thing is that you do not want to lose all chance at revenue simply because you are looking to make your customers happy. There is a very fine line between giving the customers what they want and getting taken advantage of. There are a few ways in which you can achieve both without anyone being made to feel taken advantage of.

The first thing you will need to do is analyze what kind of customer relations you have now. Entrepreneurs and small businesses will likely use the same employees involved in sales or other aspects of the business to handle customer interaction as well. Since talking with customers may not be their specialty, you may have to invest in some training. Ask your employees to sit down in a group so that they can learn together how to properly answer the phone as well as what to do while talking with the customer.

Be Agreeable

Whenever talking with customers, the last thing that you want your staff telling them is that they will not help them. Even if that is not exactly what your staff is saying, it is the feeling that they give those they are talking to. Pay attention to tone and language. If the staff member sounds stand-offish, it will put the customer in a state of unease. Losing the customer is as easy as making them feel as if they are not appreciated.

Watching Tone

The tone used with any customer should always be light and conversational. The same tactics which work in sales apply here. You want for the customer to feel as if you understand what their problem is and that you are able to provide them with what they are looking for. If your tone is indifferent or impatient, they will not get the feeling that you are even interested in what they are talking about, let alone will you be able to help them.

Control the Conversation

There are certain precautions any business must take to maintain control. You would never leave your business at night without engaging the business security systems or surveillance system. You should also never allow a customer to control a conversation. Always acknowledge what your customer is saying to you, but never allow them to derail the conversation. Always bring it back to the topic at hand and make sure that you have the ability to help them with all of the comments that you make. By making suggestions before your customers do, it is possible to take complete control of the conversation where they are deferring to you for suggestions.

Find a Resolution

When customers call with a complaint, they very rarely are looking just to rant. They want resolution for the problem that they are experiencing. Make sure to offer something before the customer has the chance to ask for something. You will be able to have more control over what kind of compensation you are giving by doing so.

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This Business article was written by Shannon Suetos on 12/23/2010

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