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Having the right business equipment and personnel can be very important to a business regardless of its size. In order to make sure everything and everyone is functioning at peak efficiency it is good idea to have a business system analyst do a periodic review of the entire system. This would include a look at all of the equipment such as the office computers, faxes and telephone systems, and the manufacturing equipment if the firm is engaged in manufacturing.

A business system analyst would also review the personnel to make sure they are properly trained and motivated to do the best work possible for the company. It doesn’t matter if a company has the best computers and software on the market if the employees who use the computers don’t know how to take advantage of all of the software.

In the case of a business that sells goods or services the business system analyst will want to look at the contact management and sales follow up procedures. It is important for the sales manager to be able to make sure that once sales leads are found that contact is made and that it is followed up on to try to close the sales. Good contact management software can help in this area.

In the case of a company that does a lot of business on the Internet the business system analyst will look at such programs as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make sure that the business is making the best use of Internet opportunities to bring targeted traffic to its website.

This Business article was written by Jerry Travesr on 11/19/2007

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