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In today’s economy, many people are looking for a good small business they can start without a large outlay of capital and that will operate without a lot of overhead. One such business is a carpet cleaning business. There is always demand for good carpet cleaning services, particularly with the large number of apartment complexes that are being built. Most apartment complexes have a rapid turnover of residents and that requires carpet cleaning on a continuing basis.

A carpet cleaning business only needs to have contracts with a few large complexes to be able to show a profit. Of course, before starting any business there are several things that must be done. First, the potential business owner needs to make sure that the proper government licenses are taken care of and that there is good liability insurance to protect the business.

People starting a carpet cleaning business should also make sure that they know how to prepare a good business plan to present to a lender in order to get the right financing. There is going to be some start up capital needed to buy the equipment and supplies and probably a vehicle or two to transport this equipment. If an entrepreneur presents a solid business plan to a lender, financing should be easy to get.

A start up carpet cleaning business will also require some initial advertising to get it going and this should be a factor in the amount of capital initially borrowed. However, there are good advertising opportunities available that are not overly expensive.

This Business article was written by Ronald Dreven on 11/19/2007

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