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It is a change of course for me to cover a business in the music industry as I have long been shy of anything related to the arts. Truth be told, I lack almost any aesthetic qualities (whether they be looks or talents or even taste). However, my wife, holds a quite different opinion of the arts. In fact, despite our age, she maintains an almost uncanny ability to stay up with the latest music trends without appearing to be a cross-generation interloper of sorts.

So, among the many musicians that she has filled our home with, her latest interest is the rock band *(I wouldn’t know the correct categorization, but they are definitely not hip-hop or classical, the other two genres with which I am familiar) The Killers. Surprisingly enough, we had the opportunity to attend a concert and, knowing of their popularity, I went after “pre-sale” tickets the second I could.

Picture this: a music novice, with little to no understanding of the industry, who has purchased tickets to a concert only 1 time before, and that was standing in a line at Disney world, trying to purchase Killers tickets, fumbling around like a bumbling idiot.

Replace this Picture With ConcertMaps.

Among other things, ConcertMaps as a business handles pre-sale tickets for major performers across the globe. I can’t explain how easy it made the process for me to purchase tickets through ConcertMaps.

  1. 1. No experience necessary: The process was incredibly intuitive. No secret lingo or industry jargon, just buy the tickets.
  2. 2. Great customer service: I had a couple of questions about the venue, about where our seats would be, and where we should show up. No problems there
  3. 3. Price: I think we got a great deal.

Overall, this model is working great. ConcertMaps provided a fantastically easy method for my wife and I to attend the show.

Now, if they only provided ear plugs, mine are still ringing.

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