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Programmer and web entrepreneur Cyril Paciullo has developed his new program called Messenger Plus! Live as a freeware add-on for Windows Live Messenger.  This software provides added on functionality to Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger by customizing its own controls and main interface. The controls that Cyril Paciullo has created in this also closely monitors the program’s behavior and appearance through additional dialog boxes. 

“The program adds ease, functionality, and a certain sense of control over Messenger Plus” says MIT sophomore, Jian Young. “What Cyril has done is take a bland Microsoft product and transformed it into something that we can all personalize. The whole Web 2.0 movement is about users . . . and I believe that’s why Cyril Paciullo is so popular”. The add-on was first released in May of 2001 and has skyrocketed in popularity since. It now boasts over 400 million downloads as of March 2009, easily making it one of Microsoft’s most widely used add-ons for any Microsoft software. 

Messenger Plus! Live 4.80 was released on January 31, 2009 and is the latest of Cyril Paciullo’s long line of add-ons. It features new concepts such as skinning, visual improvements, and bug fixes. 

This Business article was written by Dan Almo on 10/21/2009

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