It is a great feeling to get started your own company and providing the goods or services to the public. It a great challenge to get your company started there a lot of anxiety and stress associated with the running of a company. The path to the success of your company is not smooth and many hurdles may be there in the path. However as we they no pain no gain so overcoming these obstacles and confusion and emerging as a winner is all that makes the journey so worthwhile.

To start a business the first and the basic requirement is to have a business plan. The business map is the real road map to success. A well planned and correctly implemented business plan puts you on the right track to achieve the goals of the company by means of implementing the healthy strategies.

Here is the list of guidelines that will help in drafting the right business plan for your business. All business plans are unique and have their own challenges that must be met. However these are basic elements that all business plans must comprise of.


A business plan should be straight forward; it should be the written format of your idea for your business. It need have all your dreams, hopes or aspirations, it should focus on one path and goal and not a mixture of many different aspects. It need not be multipage document it has to be the point, hitting right at the bull’s eye. It needs to have that information that will keep your business on track. It should not be a detailed document but have details regarding the basics of the business. It should lay out the path to get your business moving on the right track and the manner in which you and your team will move to achieve the goals of your business. A detailed business plan with month after month description with intense data projections, and detailed statistics regarding the company matters only burden the company and are unrealistic also they give false hopes to the investors of the company.


Having a cut to cut business plan does not means that it should be sparse. One of the best business plans will be clear in outlining the characteristics of the company that are crucial for the company. Jotting down the basics of the business including the personal on board plan to details regarding securing the proper name rights and trademarks make sure that no important detail is left unchecked. The must have tasks of a business plan that add to its importance are as follows:

  • Describe the nature of business
  • Describe the nature and type product or service.
  • Detail description regarding the competitive environment of the product
  • Details regarding how the business will make money through a business model.
  • Describe the market of the business.
  • Describe the manner in which the production process will be carried on.
  • Details regarding the size of the team and their working scenario.
  • Details regarding the funding of the company and how much of profit will be made.

The above ten descriptions should be the part of any business plan to make it a full proof plan. It is the lacking of these knowledge and details about these that leads to the fail of any business. By drafting an outline regarding all these details a solid way for the movement of the business towards it the goal of the business is laid. It should guide the steps you and your team will tread.


No two businesses are the same, so the business plans also have to be different. It is simple to take anybody else’s plan and use it, but it will only be a disaster for you. Copying any other business plan to match your business will lack the ability of the plan to address the unique challenges of your business. Business Marketing plans that are not analytically and strategically designed may fail optimize the services provided and such a business plan will lead to the failure of your business. The most important thing to bore in mind while writing a business plan is to keep in mind the needs of the prospective consumers. Marketing strategies need to be planned as per the customers. If the business plan is an internal document then it should be directed towards keeping the performance and growth of the company on track. If it is an external document then it should be impressive enough to attract the investors for investing in the company.

Each business is unique and accordingly it should have its business plan, to help you get off the ground.