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Franchise for Sale

Would you buy a franchise for sale? There are many franchises out there but how would you know which one suits you the most?  Here are some of the questions to ask before considering a franchise for sale.

How does your franchise market the product?


You would have to ask the franchise for sale on its methods of promoting its products i.e. TV ads, radio etc. It would be wise to also ask who would be responsible for the promotion costs or whether it would be split between the franchise and the franchisees.

What location is best optimized for the franchise?
If you are to invest in a restaurant franchise for sale, it may be wise to pick a busy intersection. Before picking the location, make sure you consult with your real estate broker and a good legal attorney. Franchisors can also provide useful guidelines on similar locations that have worked well for them in the past.

What kind of financing is required for the franchise for sale?

It really doesn’t matter which route of financing you choose whether it be small business loans, bank loans or loans from family. However, you do have to take into account that collateral, a good credit report and cash is essential to financing a franchise for sale.

Before you consider purchasing a franchise for sale, take into account of the above questions and you would have saved yourself many headaches.

This Business article was written by David Siu on 7/15/2005

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