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Trying to get funding for start up business with poor credit is tricky indeed, but the important thing to remember is that the best avenues for success are often the roads less traveled. Let’s consider some of the other avenues that are available for meeting your financial needs.

As you probably already know, large franchise banks are not going to lend much support funding for start up business; with poor credit, you will probably not meet the minimum requirements that their regulations ask for, and the representatives you speak with will not be very flexible with you. Instead, you will probably have better luck with a smaller bank branch. Smaller banks tend to be more competitive and have representatives that have more authority in the loan transaction. If you have the opportunity to join a credit union, that may be a good idea as well. Credit unions are excellent organizations, as they offer excellent interest rates due to the lack of profit.

You may want to consider P2P lending. P2P is an excellent way to bypass rules and regulations that accompany large financial structures. Talk to your business colleagues and see if you can find some connections with venture capital that is looking for investment, and use as a resource to facilitate the transaction. Luckily, the information age has provided us with a number of astonishing resources to help us conduct person-to-person loans in a professional manner and with a cheap cost.

Another excellent way to get funding for start up business with poor credit is to consider an SBA Microloan. The SBA has a number of programs that are friendly to people with poor credit, and while the loan amount are small, bear in mind that you always have the ability to purchase them in multiples and get a larger sum overall.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 1/2/2010