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Small businesses often require some solid financing to get off the ground. No matter what state you are in, whether it be AL, CA, NY or GA, small business loans are very likely going to be an important part of your business. So why bother dealing with the difficulties (or, given the current economic climate, impossibilities) of large bureaucratic banks when much simpler options are readily available?

For example, the option of small banks and credit unions is a much better option for individuals looking for easy financing, and the option is made even more easy if you have been a patron of the bank for an extended period of time. Both small banks and credit unions provide excellent alternatives to large bank branches, for the simple reason that because they are smaller, they lack the huge overhead requirements that large banks tend to have, and therefore can provide a much lower interest rate. You will also probably learn that both small bank branches and credit unions are more likely to attempt to have an actual business relationship with you, rather than treating you like an account number. You will have more luck getting your sales pitch heard by an account representative that actually has some say in the decision making process, rather than a lackey who follows the strict guidelines that act as the alpha and omega.

Small business loans can be easily gotten through the small business administration as well. The SBA is a division of the chamber of commerce that guarantees loans to different individuals with qualifying needs. While it is commonly thought that you need to be a woman, minority or veteran in order to qualify, their Microloan program is extensive enough that you should have little difficulty finding a loan (or multiple loans) that fit your needs.

You may also want to consider the wonderful world of P2P lending. While it may sound gaga, small business loans can be found out in the world of small venture capitalists, and there are a number of sites that can help you get in touch with the people that you want to meet. Take a look at and Both of these sites can offer you a wealth of networking and business resources that will help you get a better deal on a loan than you might have been able to find in the conventional lending world.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 12/30/2009