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 One of the most important tools for the entrepreneurial mind is the ability to put together very strong business proposals and get a small business loan.  Many people do not know how to make a business proposal, and may be misled by thinking that getting a business loan is similar to getting a personal loan, where all you have to do is get some disclosure documents about your property and you’re in.  While it is more complicated, it is also a fun process for the business mind.
The first step toward crafting your business proposal is to identify exactly what the loan is for.  Explain your vision, your experience, and make it sound compelling.  A strong business proposal is meant to demonstrate your passion and salesmanship, and is a large part of how to get a small business loan.  You should then go into a thorough discussion of how your business works; who is involved, how much goes where, what is being done, how the assets are allocated, and a detailed description of the managing members’ contact information.  This will give the lender confidence that the loan is going into competent hands.
You will also want to include a market analysis, giving a detailed breakdown of the demand for the service on whatever scale you are operating, and also showing the competition and what it is that makes you better.  Finally, you will want to include a closing statement that shows your financials and available assets so that the lender knows the loan is secure.  The most important part of knowing how to get a small business loan is to get the lender to feel confident in the fact that his loan is going into safe hands.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 3/20/2010