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The allure of making a fortune overnight on the World Wide Web is a strong pull to new Internet entrepreneurs. Many webmasters dream of owning a multi-billion dollar site like Twitter or Facebook. The sad reality is that most will not achieve success on that scale. What does it take to be successful on a grand scale on the Internet? Why do so many hopeful website owners repeatedly fall short of their dreams? 

Ranking Strategies

Most people who start a blog or a site are passionate about the message, but lack enthusiasm for learning and expansion. In order to draw traffic to a site, there must be original, relevant and useful content. Search engines now place a higher priority on relevant content than ever after the famous Panda updates. Gone are the days when a few well-placed tags could draw large amounts of organic traffic. Site owners have to post massive amounts of fresh content that keeps their web space in the search engine returns. Most people are not well versed on technical concepts such as tagging, search engine optimization ad meta descriptions and do not take the time to learn these strategies. A lack of how the Internet works is a big barrier to online success.

Time and Patience

In the online arena, the Law of Perpetual Motion works as site traffic momentum. When a blogger sees some success, it is time to step up the good work and double up on relevant content and contributions. Sadly, many see a few coins or dollars as a mere pittance of what they had hoped to gain for their efforts. Many become discouraged too quickly and their devotion to the site lowers as they search for another money making venture. It takes time for search engines to index and give credibility to each site and webpage. Even the most successful sites like Facebook started without a ranking. Of course, they got great advice along the way, especially when going IPO. Advice from industry leaders like Gary Crittenden will always be necessary to make that final transition. As the site grew, search engines directed massive amounts of traffic because of the popularity and longevity of the site. Giving up before the ball is in motion is another barrier to online success. 

Ad Incorporation

Big ad companies intimidate new site owners. Most feel comfortable with Google Adsense, but believe that their site is not big enough or “good” enough to contact the big ad companies. Successful sites show advertisements from a plethora of companies. The old adage is true about putting your eggs in one basket with an up and coming site. Another thought barrier to multiple ad campaigns is that the site may look too spammy or cluttered. The truth is that one well-placed ad could bring in the revenue of dozens of smaller ads. Webmasters have to experiment with ad revenue and placement.

Aside from a lack of knowledge, patience and a willingness to try new things, the number one reason why small sites don’t turn into big sites is a lack of confidence. The big guys have an abundance of confidence and a no hold’s barred attitude. 

This Business article was written by Jason Jeffries on 11/19/2013