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Many business owners and people starting up new businesses have found that one of the best sources for financing the business is to get a government loan for small business. The government may be willing to make loans that traditional lenders won’t do and there is also a chance of getting a better interest rate, better repayment terms, and less in the way of “”hidden”” costs.

However, there is still some serious work to be done in order to get a government loan for small business. The government will not loan money to just anyone that says they want to start a business or expand an existing one. The government officials will want to see a business plan just like the private lenders do. This plan should show how the borrowed money will be spent, what the plans are to make the business a success, and how long it may take for the business to begin making a profit.

Therefore, when applying for a government loan for small business it is imperative to do all of the marketing and related research necessary to be able to make sure that the plan is a good one. The applicant should also make sure that the amount of money being applied for will be adequate to cover all of the expected needs of the new business. This includes the set-up costs, the operating costs for the first few months, and anything else that might be anticipated.

It is also wise that the rates and terms of the government loan for small business be compared to what is available in the private market. With all of the lenders competing for business there might be some willing to make a better offer then that made by the government.

This Business article was written by Leslie Schmidt on 11/19/2007

Leslie Schmidt has been Lead Business Analyst for Schmidt, Barney and Levinson for the last 8 Years.