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Many of those in the shipping and transportation industry have discovered the benefits of having a GPS system in their vehicles. Not only do they allow the drivers to know where they are going, they also allow the company to know where the vehicles are. Often times the devices can be useful to know when a driver is breaking the rules that have been created to protect the investment of the company. The good news is there are many options available which will allow the company to track the locations of their vehicles.

The kind of GPS system installed in the vehicle will depend a lot on the company, where the vehicles are travelling to and what the needs are. The company can choose from providing GPS phones to the drivers. They can choose to install a heads up GPS system. They can also choose to install a passive GPS tracking system in the vehicle. All of these choices will help to give more control to the company in charge of the vehicles. They will also give the ability to make sure that the drivers are following their training and that the vehicles are being kept safe.

GPS Phone

Many smart phones have the ability to be used as a GPS system as well. The driver can use the phone to get their location as well as to get interactive maps which will show them how to get to their destination. An additional benefit of these phones is that they can also be used as a two way radio. Having a function like this will help to eliminate having to rely on CB communication. The only thing you will have to worry about is reception at times.

GPS Heads up Installation

If you are looking for a GPS vehicle tracking solution for vehicles travelling across the nation, you do not want to worry about cell phone coverage. The great thing about the heads up unit is it is a standalone unit which will link directly with a satellite rather than depending on cell phone signals. The maps are also larger so that your driver will have less chance of getting lost when they are travelling from one destination to another. The only problem is that the drivers will have a pretty good idea they are being tracked and will turn off the system if they are planning on doing something against the rules.

GPS Passive Tracking

A less expensive alternative is to install a passive GPS tracking device. These devices will link up with the satellite. Everywhere the vehicle goes will be recorded by the device so that it can be downloaded and reviewed later. The main problem with these devices is that unless there is an emergency, you will not know where the vehicle is at any given time. You will not be able to correct behaviors as they are happening. At the same time, you will not have to go without knowing what is happening with your vehicles either. Any of these systems work well with any company that deals with a lot of at home delivery. This type of delivery goes hand and hand with an e-commerce based company.

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