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In today’s fast paced society fewer people have time to do their own home repairs and that fact makes it a good time to start a handyman business. This type of business can be very lucrative if advertised and operated properly. It is a perfect business for a single individual to start and operate out of the home if the person is qualified to do repair work in a number of different areas.

A handyman business can also employ several people in different fields such as carpentry or plumbing repair. The key factor, as with any business, is for the people starting such a business to know the basics about owning and operating a small business. There is good training available to help someone get started that would include such information as how to arrange for the financing of the business, how to draw up a business plan, and how to do some marketing research. It should also contain information about how to advertise a business.

A handyman business probably won’t require a lot of start up capital and the three biggest expenses will probably be the purchase of some necessary equipment, a vehicle large enough to accommodate the equipment and supplies, and some advertising. If someone has a good business plan it will probably be fairly easy to find a lender that will do the financing.

Another area to look at when starting a handyman business is whether there are any government licensing requirements. These should be taken care of first so that the business will be operating legally from the beginning.

This Business article was written by Usiah Jenson on 11/19/2007

Usiah is a handyman entrepreneur with nearly 10 years experience