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    If you are self employed, a small business owner or an employee in the state of New York, picking the right insurance to protect the needs of yourself and immediate family can be confusing, burdensome and expensive. Many insurance companies fail to be transparent with their policies and are full of hidden fees and unexpected deductibles. In the booming economy of New York City, insurance is essential to small companies for employee satisfaction, and to the self employed for piece of mind. There are very few affordable insurance programs out there, but the newly released Healthy New York insurance plan offers hope. The Healthy NY comprehensive insurance plan promotes affordable insurance to eligible small businesses and their employees. It is important as with any insurance plan that you understand the exact stipulations surrounding coverage before you sign up for anything. In order to qualify for the Healthy NY plan, the individual must first meet several conditions. For starters, they must be a resident of New York State and must not have been employed or insured in the past 12 months.

    Aside from the stipulations in the Healthy NY insurance program, there are also many benefits to it. These benefits are streamlined to fit the basic health needs of the program’s general participants. Healthy NY covers many procedures such as prostate screenings, beneficial care outpatient hospital services, maternity care, emergency care, preventive mammography screenings and cancer services such as chemotherapy and radiological services. Along with these benefits, the insurance plan also covers child health care services and immunizations. The Healthy NY insurance plan also covers prescription drugs at participating pharmacies.
    Health care is important as well as expensive. Many lower waged employees that fall out of the Medicare or Medicaid standards have a tough time paying for personal and family expenses. This may affect job performance and the overall moral of your company. By providing your employees with a beneficial insurance plan you will assure them that your company is there for them and cares about their needs.
    As entrepreneurs it can be difficult to affordably acquire health insurance.  The government subsidized Healthy New York program now available in New York State brings a solution to the health care problem.  The Healthy NY program should be duplicated for all states so that those of us trying to start a new business can have the health insurance we need.

This Business article was written by Simon Bukai on 7/31/2007

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