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While many people need financing for their new businesses and may be used to the rather straightforward endeavor of applying for a home loan, fewer know what is actually entailed in the process of acquiring business financing. In this article, we will briefly discuss the proposal that you will need so that you know how to apply for business loans.

The proposal is a written supplement, several pages long, that in three parts defines and discusses the nature of the business, the business’s market, and the business’s financial standing and ability to repay the loan. The nature of the business will discuss the business’s history and founding, and will go into details about the inner workings of the business infrastructure, explaining who the members are, what they do, and provide details about their credentials and roles within the business. It should also include the vital information about the members, including their social security information.

The second part should tell you about the nature of the business’s service itself. The service of the business should be explained, as should the methods of the business’s production and distribution. You should also include some information about the local demand for the product or service, and a good description of the business’s competition.

Finally, the financial aspect of the business is key to explaining to your lenders what liens you have against you, how much property and collateral you and the other business members have at stake, and a good explanation of what the lenders want to see.

Assembling a solid proposal is an excellent way to show your lenders exactly what they need to feel secure in lending. It is an absolutely important thing to know for how to apply for business loans.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 1/23/2010