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Sometimes the nature of your business, or merely the circumstances around it, make it impossible to set up a designated plan, so in order to get financing for it, you may be wondering how to get a business loan with no business plan. This requires a bit of creative thinking and you will need to bend the rules a bit, but this kind of thinking is how many American fortunes were originally created.

Obviously the traditional avenues for gaining business financing are going to be a bit out of the question; no bank, credit union or government agency is going to listen to a sales pitch that is not complete with a solid business proposal. However, you don’t necessarily need to secure your business with a sales pitch in order to get financing; this sort of thing can be done very easily by getting other financing, such as home equity loans or student loans. Both of these avenues are excellent methods of getting money, as they offer large sums of money with low interest rates and incredible flexibility on the use of the money.

Another way how to get a business loan with no business plan is P2P lending. Provided that you have adequate business and legal resources, you will have almost no difficulty in conducting your loan in a professional and safe manner. The connections and methods that you use will, of course, be unique to your situation, but rest assured that it is never difficult to get the money you need if your idea, or at least your sales pitch, is just right.

This Business article was written by Mark Karavan on 1/23/2010